Cleanliness Is Good for Your Health

Housework may not be our favorite way to spend our time, but having a clean house is actually good for our health. Here are some of the ways that cleanliness supports good health. Reduce transmission of contagious diseases Cleaning can reduce the chances of catching contagious illnesses. That shouldn’t be surprising, but the details are a […]

Waiting on Medical Test Results

MANA clinics have the benefit of labs on site, including imaging, pulmonary function testing, and many more kinds of tests. Some tests provide results quickly. Others can take longer to provide results. In some cases, you will need to wait to discuss your results with your doctor. Waiting on medical test results may go on for […]

Is Sourdough Bread Healthier?

The craze for baking your own sourdough bread has died down as people get out and about more, but you may still be eating sourdough. The question is: is sourdough bread healthier than other kinds of bread? Define your terms First, it depends what you mean by sourdough. Sourdough bread is leavened with natural yeast […]

ART at Millennium Chiropractic

Dr. Bobby Pritchett at Millennium Chiropractic is an Active Release Techniques® (ART®) Certified Provider. ART is a non-invasive treatment for soft-tissue disorders.  ART is used to diagnose and treat strains, sprains, and other musculoskeletal disorders. Musculoskeletal disorders affect your joints, bones, connective tissues, and muscles. They can cause pain and loss of function. Musculoskeletal disorders […]

Should You Worry about Rabies?

Rabies is not a common or frequent problem in Northwest Arkansas. There have been 13 cases in the state so far this year, but none in Washington or Benton Counties. So you shouldn’t worry — but it’s still good to be aware of the condition and to take sensible precautions. The most important action you […]

What Is a Pulmonary Function Test?

A Pulmonary Function Test (PFT), also called a breathing test, is a way of testing how well your lungs work. This testing is a part of diagnosing health conditions involving the lungs.  Health conditions like asthma, COPD, and certain lung infections, such as COVID, may affect your lung function. There are handheld spirometry devices that […]

Chew More, Weigh Less?

A recent study at a Japanese university found that chewing longer causes the body to use more energy. A Chinese study found that obese subjects chewed less than lean ones. A U.S. study found that intentionally chewing food more reduced the amount of food eaten without making people feel less satisfied.  It’s the latest suggestion […]

Understanding Cradle Cap

Cradle cap, or seborrheic dermatitis, is a condition of crusty or scaly patches on a baby’s head. This is not a painful condition and it is not a sign of any serious health issues. It is very common and you can usually take care of it at home.  Cradle cap doesn’t itch. It is not […]

Don’t Forget Kids’ Immunizations!

August is National Immunization Awareness Month, and immunizations may be on your mind more than ever this year.  COVID-19 vaccines are on our minds this year as Northwest Arkansas sees more new cases. As of this writing, Washington County is at the Medium (yellow) level of risk though Benton County is still at the Low […]

What Does HIPAA Mean for Patients?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is a law that protects your health information. This law may not have made big changes in your doctor’s behavior, but it set national standards so that all patient information is covered by the same privacy rules. Before this law was passed, different healthcare facilities […]