Beware of Medicare Scams

Please be aware of growing national scams targeting Medicare patients.  MANA clinics have had several reports from patients about calls they are receiving in regards to free genetic testing in relation to cardiac/hypertension, as well as offers for free back braces. These are known national scams and MANA records have not been breached. 

What you should know:  

  • MANA records have not been breached. 
  • Scammers can appear to be calling from a MANA number.
  • Medicare will not contact you over the phone to sell you drug plans or services. 

The phone call can even appear with your doctor’s office phone number and they may use persuasive language like, your doctor ordered this test or service. The caller attempts to get your social security number, bank information,  or Medicare numbers to use to make fraudulent charges. 

Protect Your Information

  1. Do not give your personal information, bank information, or Medicare number to anyone you do not recognize over the phone or online. 
  2. If you suspect any caller or do know the caller, hang up and tell them you will call your doctor’s office or the number on your Medicare card to verify. 

Report Medicare Fraud or Abuse

If you suspect you have been contacted by a scammer, or have any concerns about possible fraud, report the fraud to Medicare at 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-663-4227) or your local Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP). The SMP program, funded by the U.S. Administration for Community Living, helps Medicare beneficiaries protect themselves from Medicare fraud, errors, and abuse and detect and report them when they occur. To find your local SMP visit: or call 1-877-808-2468.