Breast Screening MRIs for High-Risk Patients

New research concludes that women at a high level of genetic risk for breast cancer could cut their mortality rates in half by choosing breast screening MRI exams along with mammograms.

The genetic risk factors

While most breast cancers are not genetic, there are genetic risk factors for breast cancer. The most common are BRCA1 and BRCA2. However, there are other gene mutations, known as ATM, CHEK2, and PALB2, which are also associated with increased cancer risk. 

For women with these mutations, a combination of annual mammograms and breast screening MRIs beginning at age 35 reduced mortality rates by 55.4% to 57.6%.

The researchers recommend that women with high risk genetic mutations start breast imaging MRIs at age 30 to 35, and add annual mammograms at age 40.

Breast MRI at the Breast Center

The Breast Center is the only provider of screening Breast MRI in Northwest Arkansas, and the only breast imaging center in Arkansas with dedicated Breast MRI.

 The Breast Center uses the Aurora Breast MRI, which is the only dedicated MRI instrument manufactured specifically for breast imaging. Ordinary MRI machinery can be adapted for breast imaging, but the Aurora Breast MRI is specifically designed for imaging the breast.


If you have questions about your risk factors, The Breast Center offers Risk Assessment appointments to help you learn more about your risk factors and develop a personalized screening plan. To schedule a risk assessment or a breast MRI appointment in Fayetteville or Bentonville, please call (866) 718-6266.