Get to Know Your Prostate

For men’s health month, get to know your prostate! Prostates are a focus of Men’s Health Month because they are an organ that only men have. Your prostate is a gland situated between the penis and the bladder. It produces fluid that mixes with sperm to make seminal fluid. The prostate is normally the size […]

Healthy BBQ Options

Barbecue is basic in Northwest Arkansas, especially in the summer. Can it also be healthy? While healthy BBQ may sound like a contradiction in terms, a few choices can make your next barbecue a healthy meal. Grilling The first health concern for barbecue is the process of grilling or smoking. Studies have shown that high […]

Do You Need a Primary Care Physician?

A new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine warns that “primary care in the United States is slowly dying.” They’ve identified this as a big problem in American healthcare, and are recommending that people who don’t have a PCP should be assigned one by their health insurance companies. A primary care physician, […]

Your Annual Wellness Visit

85% of Americans take their pets in for their shots on schedule, but fewer than half get a regular annual wellness visit. This is true even though most insurance companies cover the cost of an annual physical exam. Annual wellness exams establish baselines Your annual checkup will include a range of tests. Your temperature, weight, blood […]