Who Do You See for Gallstones?

Gallstones don’t always show signs or cause symptoms. It’s possible to have a gallstone, or several gallstones, and not even know. If you do not experience any symptoms, there’s typically no need to treat gallstones. However, if you experience symptoms associated with gallstone complications, you should seek medical care. Talk to your primary care physician […]

7 Things You Might Not Know About Alzheimer’s Disease

Misinformation contributes to the stigma associated with mental illness. Learning about Alzheimer’s disease gives you a better understanding of the disease, and it can help people get the appropriate medical care that they need. Alzheimer’s disease is common. It is the most common form of dementia, and it is currently ranked as the sixth leading […]

Biggest Health Risks of Sedentary Living

What does a normal day look like for you? Maybe you have a long commute to and from the office, where you spend your day sitting behind a desk. After work, you drive the kids to practices, and when you finally get home, you’re exhausted, so you sit and relax in front of a screen. […]

What Is a Pollen Count, and Why Am I Sneezing?

Allergies are the sixth leading cause of chronic illness in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; more than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies. Some of these allergy sufferers only experience symptoms seasonally. If you have seasonal allergies, or hay fever, it’s important to know the cause of the […]

When Should You Get a Flu Shot?

As a general rule, you want to get a dose of flu vaccine before the flu season begins. However, the earlier you can get your flu shot the better. Flu vaccine helps keep you, your family, and those around you safe from influenza virus. You should get a does of flu vaccine as soon as […]

How Often Do You Need Colon Cancer Screening?

Colorectal cancer refers to colon cancer, rectal cancer, or both. People sometimes use colon cancer interchangeably with colorectal cancer, but colon cancer refers specifically to cancers that start in the colon, or large intestine. Colon cancer and rectal cancer are often grouped together due to similarity. Also, cancers may initially develop in either the colon or […]

Is Vaping Safe?

There are still many who believe that e-cigarettes, and other vaping devices, are a safe alternative to smoking. While vapes and e-cigarettes are still relatively new, there is growing evidence that these products are not harmless, and are more dangerous than people realize. Vaping isn’t harmless It’s not just steam, or water vapor, and flavorings. […]

Can You Get Too Much Sleep?

Most people have to worry about not getting enough sleep rather than getting too much sleep. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that more than one-third of American adults do not get enough sleep — 35% of U.S. adults get fewer than seven hours of sleep each night. But there are also some […]

Are Processed Foods Bad for You?

Are processed foods bad for you? It’s easy to look at foods in a binary way: healthy or unhealthy. However, it’s not that simple with processed foods. It’s true that many of the foods people think of when they think of processed foods — frozen dinners, snack cakes, and junk food — are unhealthy, but […]

Good, Bad, and Total Cholesterol: What Does It All Mean?

If you’ve discussed cholesterol with your primary care physician, you know there are different types of cholesterol that affect your body in different ways. However, many people haven’t been educated about cholesterol. Is there really good cholesterol and bad cholesterol? What is a healthy cholesterol level, and how do you manage cholesterol? Here’s some information […]