Planning New Year’s Health Resolutions

Half of Americans who made New Year’s Resolutions in 2021 resolved to exercise more and 39% resolved to eat healthier food. This is a typical pattern. Gen Z is more likely to list looking for love and dressing better among their resolutions, but other age groups focus largely on health, with resolutions including drinking less […]

Protein-Rich Vegetables?

When we think of protein-rich foods, we don’t usually think of vegetables. Most veggies have just a few grams of protein per cup, and they don’t have complete proteins. But that doesn’t mean they can’t supply protein for our bodies. We just need to understand the idea of complete proteins and how to combine foods […]

Understanding Bronchitis

Bronchitis is the inflammation of the lining of the bronchial tubes, which are the passages that carry air into the lungs.  Acute bronchitis Acute bronchitis may cause cough, headache, fatigue, sore throat, or chest discomfort.  You may also cough up mucus—this is called a productive cough.  Acute bronchitis usually develops from a respiratory virus like the […]

Preventing Diabetes

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month, and for 2021 the emphasis is on preventing diabetes. According to the National Diabetes Statistics Report, 34.2 million Americans have diabetes and 88 million American adults have prediabetes. That adds up to one third of American adults.  And most of them don’t know that they have diabetes or prediabetes.  […]

COPD Awareness Month

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, makes breathing difficult for 16 million Americans. COPD is a progressive, chronic lung condition that can include emphysema and chronic bronchitis. It is the #3 cause of death in the United States. What is COPD? Smoking is the most common cause of COPD. About 75% of people diagnosed with […]

7 Early Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

November is National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month. Some 5.8 million Americans suffer from this form of dementia. Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive neurological disorder, but 80% of respondents to a recent survey believed that dementia is a normal part of aging. That makes it easy to overlook the early signs. How can you tell if a […]

COVID-19 Booster Shots

Updated November 16,2021 If you’re fully vaccinated, should you plan to get a COVID-19 booster shot? In Arkansas, booster shots are now available for anyone age 18+. The FDA recommends booster shots for people who have received the Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson/Jannsen COVID-19 vaccine. Eligible individuals may choose which booster shot they take, […]

National Respiratory Care Week

October 24-31, 2021, is National Respiratory Care Week. Since 1983, this week has been an opportunity to spread the word about lung health and respiratory health conditions. It’s also our opportunity to celebrate MANA Respiratory Therapists Clyde Nichols, Shauna Roughton, Art Middleton, and Gail Carr. (RT Linda Bessinger not pictured.) In 1983, cigarette smoking was […]

Understanding Your Health Metrics

How healthy are you? Whether you rely on your doctor to measure them for you, use an app, or get your results at work, you might have quite a collection of measurements of your health. But what do these health metrics mean? Here are a few of the most commonly tracked health metrics. Weight More […]

Get to Know Your Kidneys

15% of American adults are estimated to have kidney disease, but 90% of them don’t know it.  Kidneys filter your blood — about 200 quarts each, every day. Small blood vessels called the glomerulus allow water, waste, and small particles to pass into the tubule. Nutrition from the filtered blood is absorbed by the body […]