Phosphorous: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

We hear the phrase “vitamins and minerals” all the time and we can probably name some of them. Vitamin C and Vitamin D are familiar, and we know we need iron and calcium. But what about phosphorous? Phosphorous is good for us Phosphorous is used by our bodies to build strong bones and teeth. It’s […]

Inclement Weather Hours

Due to inclement weather and poor road conditions, some MANA clinics may have alternate hours. Check here for the latest clinic hours. Alternate hours will be posted here, on social media, and on local TV stations. If you do not see the clinic listed here, please call your doctor’s office before traveling to your appointment.  […]

Meat Thermometers: A Food Safety Tool

Food safety — avoiding food-borne illnesses — is an important concern for everyone who prepares or serves food, whether at a party, in a restaurant or other public place, or at home. Meat thermometers are a useful tool for making sure the food you serve is safe.  While kitchen hygiene and hand washing are important […]

Exercise Intensity

Experts agree: 150 minutes each week of cardiovascular exercise, plus a couple of sessions of strength training will meet your body’s need for physical activity.  Reaching that point improves your health in a wide range of ways, from increasing heart health and bone health to reducing cancer risks and improving mental health.  But how realistic […]

5 Health Benefits of Tai Chi

Is the upcoming New Year the time you take up healthy regular exercise? Or are you looking for a health practice to keep you stress-free and comfortable during the holidays? Tai Chi is an option to consider.  Tai Chi is a gentle form of exercise that can be done in groups or individually, sitting or […]

Understanding Strep Throat

Respiratory infections like RSV, COVID-19, and the flu are in the headlines right now. But there are other causes of some common symptoms of respiratory infections. Strep throat is one. Strep throat is a respiratory infection of the upper respiratory tract, but it is not caused by a virus. Unlike COVID-19, RSV, and the flu, […]

MANA Voted the Best of Northwest Arkansas 2022!

Each year, The Best of Northwest Arkansas Reader’s Poll tabulates the votes of thousands of people in Northwest Arkansas. The results show the services that people in Northwest Arkansas love the most.  Each year, MANA clinics show up on this list of winners. Here are the honorees for 2022. WINNER – BEST MEDICAL CLINICS MANA […]

The Absolute Essentials for a Healthy Thanksgiving

You’ve made it through Halloween, and you might still be working on that last bag of fun size Snickers bars, but you haven’t yet reached the point where every day includes a plate of Christmas cookies. Thanksgiving is the next big temptation hurdle when you’re trying to maintain healthy habits during the holidays.  For too […]

Understanding Parkinson’s Disease Risk

Parkinson’s disease is a lifelong, progressive condition that develops when the brain stops making dopamine, a natural chemical involved with controlling our body’s movements. It is classified as a movement disease, because it affects mobility with tremors, stiffness, and balance problems. It can also show other symptoms that are not associated with movement, such as […]

Is Soy Good for You?

Soy beans turn up in a lot of processed foods, and also in soy-based foods and drinks like edamame, tofu, and soy milk. Soy is also found in soy sauce, miso, and other flavorings. It’s considered a low-fat, low cholesterol alternatives to animal foods. But is soy good for you? Soybeans provide protein and a […]