4 Surprising Things that Affect Blood Pressure

What affects blood pressure? You may already know that regular exercise and eating right can help keep blood pressure low. You probably realize that smokers are likely to have high blood pressure. But you may not know about some other factors that can affect blood pressure. Here are four items that might surprise you. How […]

Did TikTok Tell You You’re Depressed?

About 7% of American adults suffer from depression, and 18% from anxiety, according to a research paper from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. If you watch a few #sad or #depressed videos on TikTok, though, the platform may serve up nearly 100% sad content for you. What you watch, share, like, and follow […]

Medical Laboratory Professionals Week

Each year, the last full week of April is a special time to honor medical laboratory professionals who dedicate their lives to helping others. Lab professionals provide as much as 70% of the information doctors use for diagnosis. This year, we would like to recognize MANA lab professionals for their hard work and sacrifice. “Thank […]

National Minority Health Month for Kids

April is National Minority Health Month, a time to think about the disparities in U.S. healthcare and health outcomes — and to take action against those inequities.  Health outcomes are different for kids from different ethnic groups Here are some eye-opening statistics: Infant mortality rates in Arkansas are different in different ethnic groups. Black children’s […]

Take Charge of Your Health

The last few years has taken its toll on everyone’s health, physical and mental. Many of us have developed unhealthy habits, experienced health issues, and dealt with anxiety and added stress. However, it doesn’t have to be this way! MANA encourages you to take charge of your health by scheduling an annual wellness visit. There […]

Winter Dehydration

We’re conscious about hydration in the summer, when hot sun and sweaty outdoor activities remind us that we need to drink plenty of water. In the winter, we may get fewer thirst signals from our bodies. The dryer air, both indoors and out, can speed fluid loss just from breathing. We may also eat fewer […]

Healthcare in Bentonville, Arkansas

Each state in the Union has its own special health issues, and each county in the state has its own variations on those regional health issues. Bentonville, as one of the largest and most prosperous cities in Arkansas, has its own special circumstances when it comes to health. Naturally, healthcare in Bentonville also has special […]

Caffeine Withdrawals?

If you gave up caffeine as a New Year’s resolution, you should be finished with caffeine withdrawals by now and feeling like your normal self again. If caffeine withdrawals are keeping you from making that change, however, read on for suggestions on how to keep withdrawals to a minimum. Do you need to give up […]

Arkansas National Guard Arrives at MANA Clinics

On Monday, January 10, 2022, four members of the Arkansas National Guard arrived at MANA Medical Associates in Fayetteville to aid with COVID testing and screening. The National Guard members will be at several of MANA’s clinics including Northwest Arkansas Pediatrics in Fayetteville, Family Medicine South in Fayetteville, and at two Urgent Care locations in […]

Training for Flexibility

Expert recommendations for adult fitness include 150 minutes per week of cardio and two sessions of strength training. As you plan to get stronger muscles and to get your heart pumping, don’t forget the third aspect of fitness: flexibility. Do you need to work on flexibility? Do you really need to stretch? The question is […]