Arkansas National Guard Arrives at MANA Clinics

On Monday, January 10, 2022, four members of the Arkansas National Guard arrived at MANA Medical Associates in Fayetteville to aid with COVID testing and screening. The National Guard members will be at several of MANA’s clinics including Northwest Arkansas Pediatrics in Fayetteville, Family Medicine South in Fayetteville, and at two Urgent Care locations in […]

Training for Flexibility

Expert recommendations for adult fitness include 150 minutes per week of cardio and two sessions of strength training. As you plan to get stronger muscles and to get your heart pumping, don’t forget the third aspect of fitness: flexibility. Do you need to work on flexibility? Do you really need to stretch? The question is […]

5 Ways to Make Your Resolutions Easy

January 17th may not be a special day on your calendar, but it is a particularly meaningful day for New Year’s resolutions: that’s the day the average resolution gets broken. Your plans to lose weight, quit smoking, or run a mile every day are statistically likely to be a thing of the past by January […]

Welcome, Dr. Henson!

Dr. Greg Henson is a board-certified family physician at the new MANA Family Medicine Southwest Bentonville Clinic in Bentonville.  Dr. Henson qualified at the University Of Arkansas For Medical Sciences College Of Medicine and completed his Internal Medicine Residency at UAMS Little Rock. “My philosophy is to educate each patient about their medical problems,” says […]

Seasonal Affective Disorder

The cool, crisp days of autumn may feel energizing and exciting for some. Pumpkin spice, Halloween hijinks, and the prospect of the coming holidays make some people happy. “It’s my favorite time of year!” some say, reveling in colorful leaves and sweater weather. This is not the fall experience of those who have Seasonal Affective […]

Counting Carbs

If you’re watching your weight or managing diabetes, you may find that counting carbs works better for you than counting calories. Here’s how! What’s a carb? “Carb” is short for “carbohydrate.” All food can be divided up into its macronutrients: protein fats carbohydrates But it’s not quite that simple. Most adults need about 50 grams of […]

Sugar Alternatives: 5 Options

If you’re trying to cut down on sugar, you might be wondering about sugar alternatives. There are sugar substitutes with zero calories that do not send blood sugar skyrocketing. With these sugar alternatives, you can sweeten coffee, bake, or enjoy sweet treats without the drawbacks of sugar. Here’s a guide to 5 of the options. […]

7 Early Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

November is National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month. Some 5.8 million Americans suffer from this form of dementia. Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive neurological disorder, but 80% of respondents to a recent survey believed that dementia is a normal part of aging. That makes it easy to overlook the early signs. How can you tell if a […]

Physician Assistant’s Week

Physician Assistants are a relatively new type of healthcare professional. The category arose in the 1970s as a creative solution to doctor shortages, and now there are more than 150,000 highly trained physician assistants in the United States.  In May 2021, the American Association of Physician Assistants voted to change the title of this position […]

Welcome, Nurse Practitioner Hardin!

Nurse Practitioner Kelly Hardin has been a board-certified family nurse practitioner for more than a decade. She will work with Dr. John Nolen, Dr. Karl Haws, and Dr. Kin Hood to provide compassionate, comprehensive, quality care at MANA Family Medicine Thompson in Springdale.  Nurse Practitioner Hardin trained in Missouri and Arkansas and has worked in […]