Don’t Drink the Water! Avoiding RWIs

Recreational water illnesses, or RWIs, are one of the serious fun-stoppers of warm weather. The term refers to illnesses contracted from water in swimming pools, splash pads, and water play areas, as well as natural recreational water like lakes and rivers. While it’s possible to get RWIs from inhaling an aerosol mist or even just […]

Ticks and Your Arkansas Kids

Arkansas has plenty of ticks, and summer fun often leads to tick bites. Hiking off the beaten path, running through fields of tall grass, or meandering through the woods to a favorite swimming hole — you don’t want to give up traditional summer pleasures, but you also don’t want to worry about ticks.  Here’s what […]

Tips for Safely Giving Kids their Medicine

It’s a familiar image: the spoonful of medicine doled out to kids in movies, ads, and even children’s story books. But it’s not the right way to give kids medicine. We may call those spoons in the silverware drawer teaspoons, but chances are slim that yours just happen to hold 5 mL. That’s the amount […]

Are Your Kids Getting their Vitamin D? Most Aren’t

A study of 6,000 American children published in Nutrients found that their average intake of Vitamin D was just over half the recommended amount — 248 milligrams, compared with the recommended 400 milligrams. Why is Vitamin D important? Vitamin D is essential for strong bones. Vitamin D makes it possible for our bodies to absorb […]

Dogs, Kids, and Health

Kids and dogs are a natural combination. You might bring your new baby into a home already populated with “fur babies,” you may choose a dog to help your child learn to be responsible by caring for a furry friend, or your definition of “family” might always include both dogs and kids. However it happens, […]

When to Worry about Temper Tantrums

Temper tantrums are a normal part of growing up. It’s likely that your toddler or preschooler will have the occasional hissy fit between 1 1/2 years and 3 1/2 years. But when is a tantrum developmentally appropriate, and when is it a cause for worry? What’s a normal tantrum? A study from the Washington University […]

Welcome, Dr. Grant M. Gaines!

Grant Gaines, MD, will start seeing patients at Northwest Arkansas Pediatrics in July 2019. Dr. Grant Gaines came to Arkansas from his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. “I immediately felt right at home,” he said. “The people are incredible and genuine.” Dr. Gaines started his education at the University of Arkansas with a B.S. in Biology […]

Managing Kids’ Screen Time

The World Health Organization has issued guidelines for screen time for young children. They recommend no TV, video games, etc. for children under two years, and just one hour of screen time for kids 2-5. The object is not just to limit exposure to electronic inputs, but to get kids up and moving, too. “The […]

Whooping Cough

Two cases of whooping cough, or pertussis, have shown up in Fayetteville public schools here in Northwest Arkansas. Many parents have never heard of this disease. And yet whooping cough was once a serious and common illness. The Ngram viewer from Google shows that whooping cough was a big concern in the first half of […]

Is Your Kid’s Nutrition a Life or Death Matter?

A new study in the Lancet, a major medical journal, led to a lot of headlines when researchers concluded that 20% of deaths around the world could be traced to bad food choices. The study, funded by Bill and Melinda Gates, looked at almost 30 years of data from 195 countries. Researchers identified 15 food […]