Clinical Trials Program

Clinical Trials offer patients an opportunity to receive a treatment that is not yet available to the general public, a chance to contribute to the advancement of medical care, or medical treatment at no cost. MANA offers clinical studies for anything from the common cold to on-going diseases such as diabetes.

Clinical trials are a venue for MANA to partner with the community and contribute to improving medical care and treatment throughout the world. Finding better treatments and new options in healthcare by participating in clinical trials offers our physicians, nurses, and patients a positive role in innovative healthcare. All trials are reviewed for safety by our physicians.

Why You Might Consider Participating in a Clinical Trial

  • You are suffering from a disease or condition for which an effective treatment is not available
  • To improve treatment that is currently available
  • To receive treatment, x-rays, lab tests and care at no cost to the patient
  • To gain access to a treatment before it is available to the general public
  • To improve treatments for an illness close to your heart for future generations

Current Trials Accepting Patients

  1. Vaccine Study for 2-month-olds
  2. Formula Study for difficult stooling open to babies 28-days-old to 300-days-old. 


For more information, please contact the clinical trials nurse at (479) 571-7192.