Fayetteville Diagnostic Clinic

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Fayetteville Diagnostic Clinic

Fayetteville Diagnostic Clinic provides comprehensive healthcare for adults.

MANA Fayetteville Diagnostic Clinic provides an array of health services for men and women, from comprehensive primary care to a range of specialties, plus diagnostic services. Established in 1957, Fayetteville Diagnostic Clinic brought many of the first medical specialists and diagnostic services to Northwest Arkansas and continues to be a leader in healthcare today.

At Fayetteville Diagnostic Clinic, you will find Internal Medicine physicians and medical specialists in one convenient location.

Our six Internal Medicine physicians and two nurse practitioners provide comprehensive, quality care to men and women ages 18 and beyond. An internal medicine doctor will provide wellness care, manage complicated diseases, and coordinate your care with other specialists.

Our focus is keeping you well. We believe in treating each person with respect and compassion when you are well and especially when you are not feeling well. When you are sick, we offer convenient same day appointments in Internal Medicine.

Fayetteville Diagnostic Clinic’s medical specialists include Gastroenterology (digestive health), Neurology (brain and nervous system health), Pulmonary Medicine (respiratory health), Sleep Medicine, and Rheumatology.

Many of MANA’s diagnostic services are located on the first floor of Fayetteville Diagnostic Clinic. MANA’s central laboratory provides an extensive number of services with experienced, caring laboratory staff. MANA Imaging?s radiologists and technologists offer X-ray, Bone Density, Ultrasound, and CT. Our gastroenterologists perform screening and diagnostic procedures including Colonoscopies in the endoscopy center, located in the same building.

FDC can be your starting point for medical care, whether you’re looking for a new primary care physician or seeking a medical specialist. Our independent, physician-owned practice encourages teamwork and collaboration, increases efficiency, and makes your health care experience easier.

Fayetteville Diagnostic Clinic
Fayetteville Diagnostic Clinic

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  • A referral is not required for Internal Medicine. Some insurance plans require a referral from your primary care doctor to see a medical specialist. Please check with your insurance plan.

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