Adjustments and Manipulation

Millennium Chiropractic in Fayetteville, Arkansas, provides comprehensive chiropractic care, including the adjustments and manipulation that set chiropractic care apart from other health care.

Think of your spine as a string of pearls. The pearls are vertebrae and when they’re aligned properly, like the pearls hanging on a string, information can travel easily along our nerves. When the vertebrae are out of alignment, we can experience negative effects. Our vertebrae can get out of alignment as the result of a trauma in a car accident or a sports injury, or just over time as the stress of daily living accumulates.

An adjustment or manipulation is a matter of moving vertebrae back into the right place. This is usually done by hand. It’s a quick movement and often will not cause any discomfort. You might hear sounds like the sound of cracking knuckles as the manipulation takes place.

This is known as joint cavitation. Gases such as oxygen and nitrogen can be released from the joint during adjustments, and may harmlessly create these sounds.

Spinal manipulation and adjustment leads to greater mobility, reduced pain, and peak physical functioning. This technique is often part of your custom tailored healthcare plan at Millennium Chiropractic.

The entire office at Millennium Chiropractic is outstanding. Their attention to detail and courteousness is both professional and personal. Dr. Whitelaw has helped me several times relieve acute back pain which was restricting my air intake and my ability to sing and perform onstage. Thanks, Steve! — Jeff Fox, local musician and winner of the Solo Entertainer of the Year