Digital Motion X-ray

Millennium Chiropractic uses digital X-rays. This makes it easier to scan and email your images to you or to other physicians, and to have on file at our offices.

We also use Digital Motion X-ray, which allows us to view your body in real time while you are moving. This form of imaging makes it possible to see how the different parts of your body are actually moving and whether or not their movement indicates a problem.

Digital Motion X-ray, or DMX, produces 30 images per second, allowing the doctors to see movement in real time. Patients can be standing and bearing weight, which may give different insights from X-rays taken while a patient is seated or lying down.

The fluoroscopic imaging of DMX feeds digital images to a computer which connects them into a moving image. This is a full-size, real-time image, and it can also be archived for superior documentation. This type of imaging can sometimes find injuries and pain sources that can’t be easily seen in any other way.

You can see an example of Digital Motion X-ray below.

Additionally, Millennium Chiropractic can arrange for other kinds of imaging as needed.