Wellness Care

Chiropractic wellness care can make a difference in your overall well-being. Once you’ve been evaluated at Millennium Chiropractic, we will begin the process of treatment and rehabilitation. Our first goal is to decrease your discomfort. This can be accomplished through various therapeutic options.

  • Electrical stimulation is a low volt current used to combat pain and inflammation.
  • Therapeutic ultrasound uses pulsating waves to gently alleviate pain and swelling.
  • Ice or heat very gently reduce your symptoms.
  • When appropriate, spinal adjustments can restore the proper motion to the affected joint segments.

Rehabilitation is a very important part of most patients’ recovery. Once your symptoms have decreased and normal joint motion is restored, it is crucial to strengthen the affected region. We will customize a program that best fits your needs and train you on the proper performance of the exercises. This will enable you to recover in the most efficient way. Once you have been trained, in most cases your rehabilitative exercises can be performed at home.

Chiropractic wellness care is based on a philosophy of whole-patient health. We’ll talk with you about lifestyle changes you can make to reduce pain and increase your sense of wellness and health. Chiropractic care is beneficial for children and for pregnant women, as well as for adults of all ages.

Millennium Chiropractic develops an individual wellness care treatment plan for each individual. You can reference your home exercise instructions online.