Wellness Care

Dr. Andrew Koehler looking in child's throat

No physician is more ‘wellness’ trained for your child or adolescent than a pediatrician. At each Northwest Arkansas Pediatrics location, we offer separate well care and acute care areas to prevent a healthy child from becoming unnecessarily exposed to contagious diseases.

Regular well child visits with your doctor let you raise the concerns that matter most to you. It is during the well child exam that we have the time to form some of our best relationships with your family.  Wellness exams give the parent, child, and physician the opportunity to discuss all of your health care concerns. 

Preventative health care along with anticipatory guidance is the most effective care we provide. We follow the American Academy of Pediatrics well child exam schedule as well as the recommended immunization schedule.

Every pediatrician in our clinic has a scheduled well clinic at least weekly. If you have a favorite pediatrician, please plan well ahead of time so that we can accommodate your request.

Some of the topics commonly discussed during wellness exams are listed below:

  • Physical growth
  • Developmental progress
  • Health history
  • Hearing and vision screen
  • Behavior
  • Sports, school, camp participation
  • Immunizations 

Having regular well-child visits with your child’s doctor and raising the concerns that matter most to you are key in helping the doctor know you and your child, and in forming a reliable and trustworthy relationship.

When should my child have a wellness check-up?

Northwest Arkansas Pediatrics requires our patients to maintain optimal health through preventive care and annual well-child visits. We follow the wellness schedule in accordance with the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

  • Newborn: 3 to 5 days old, 2 weeks
  • Babies: 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 9 months
  • Toddlers: 12 months, 18 months, 24 months
  • Children over 3 years old: once a year for an annual visit

New Patients

To ensure the best possible care, we encourage parents to schedule a wellness visit for your child as soon as possible. After a wellness visit, your child will be established at Northwest Arkansas Pediatrics and you have full access to all of the clinic services.

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