3D Mammography (TM)

selenia-9000MANA and The Breast Center are committed to providing the highest standard of care for our patients. As part of this mission, we are offering the latest 3D Mammography (TM), or Breast Tomosynthesis.

Today’s gold standard in breast cancer screening is 2D mammography. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always deliver clear results. Traditional 2D mammograms become less sensitive as the density of a woman’s breast tissue increases. They can also provide overlapping images of breast tissue at different depths in the mammogram. This can result in unclear images that leave health providers unsure of what they see, and can sometimes lead to cancers being missed.

The 3D Mammography (TM) is the only clinically superior breast tomosynthesis approved by the FDA. We’re using it in our practice to give women a new level of confidence in their breast health.

Advantages of 3D (TM)

  • Improved breast cancer detection
  • Detects 41% more invasive breast cancers
  • Reduced false-positive findings by up to 40%
  • Fewer patient call backs requiring additional images
  • No additional compression

How it works

Unlike 2D mammography, 3D Tomosynthesis takes many x-ray pictures of each breast from many angles that are not available in traditional mammography. The x-ray tube moves in a 50-degree arc around the breast, taking 25 images during the exam. Those images are then sent to a computer, where they are assembled into a 3-dimensional picture of the breast. The result is a clearer image that helps health providers detect malignant tumors better than standard 2D mammography alone, with fewer recalls for additional images.

Why 3D Tomosynthesis?

The 3-D Tomosynthesis exam detects 41% more invasive cancers than the 2-D mammogram alone. It also returns 40% fewer false positives. With early detection, the five-year survival rate for breast cancer is nearly 100%.

The Radiologists at The Breast Center of Northwest Arkansas, all of whom are experts in breast imaging, are happy to have added this latest technology, with scientifically proven advantages, to the services we provide our patients.

What to expect

Is there any additional compression? Do I have to have two Mammograms? 

No, there is no additional compression required with the 3-D Tomosynthesis exam. The 2D and 3D images are taken during the same compression. Most clients do not notice a difference in the exam as It only takes a few seconds longer for the 3D exam.

In a 3D exam, the x-ray tube moves in a 50-degree arc around the breast, taking 25 images during the exam. Your doctor is able to review the images one layer at a time.

Is 3D covered by insurance? 

If your insurance covers an annual screening mammogram, it should also cover the cost of a 3D mammogram as Arkansas now has a law requiring insurance coverage.  Some individual policies do not cover screening tests.  You may want to check with your insurance representative to be sure screening mammograms are covered.