Dedicated Breast MRI

Dr. Harms and Breast MRIDr. Steven Harms is a world renowned MRI expert; he developed the dedicated Breast MRI.

Dedicated Breast MRI is the most sensitive test available for diagnosing breast cancer.  Breast MRI’s at The Breast Center of Northwest Arkansas, a MANA Clinic, are read by world renowned radiologist and MRI expert, Dr. Steven Harms.

According to a study published in the October 2012 issue of Radiology, use of an MRI scanner dedicated specifically to imaging breasts had fewer false positive results compared to whole-body MRI scanners.  At The Breast Center, we offer the only dedicated breast MRI in Northwest Arkansas.

An MRI scan produces hundreds of images of the breast from side-to-side, top-to-bottom and front-to-back.  The images are then interpreted by a radiologist.  Because MRI allows the radiologist to see inside your body from any angle with great clarity, it provides a wealth of information more quickly and, in some cases more economically than other tests and exploratory surgeries.

Breast MRI has been known to detect small breast cancers that are sometimes missed by mammography.  MRI provides an excellent way to image dense breast tissue, which can sometimes make it difficult to see through on mammograms.

In this video, Dr. Steven Harms discusses Breast MRI:

Breast MRI facts:

  • No x-ray radiation
  • Does not require breast compression
  • Does require the injection of a small amount of clear contrast medication
  • Uniquely suited for a number of indications that may be limited with mammography

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