Ultrasound Screening for Breasts

Ultrasound Screening for Dense Breasts: a new technology to screen for breast cancer in women with dense breast tissue.

Women with dense breast tissue are at an increased risk for breast cancer. It can also be harder to find cancers in women with dense breasts. An ultrasound screening in conjunction with a mammogram can find more cancers in women with dense breasts than mammography alone.

This new screening is painless, and it is covered by most insurance. 

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The earlier a cancer is found, the better the chances of successful treatment. Ultrasound screening, combined with a screening mammogram, can help your doctor find a cancer early, when it is small. 

The Breast Center offered Automated Breast Ultrasound Screening before any other hospital or breast center in the state. Our experts have done more than 5,000 screenings.

Do I have dense breasts?

The breast radiologist can tell from your mammogram if you have dense breast tissue and will include this information in the letter with your results.

Frequently Asked Questions about Breast Density 

If your mammogram shows that you have dense breasts, a Breast Ultrasound screening may be an important additional tool. We recommend that you talk with your primary care physician about this, but you do not have to get a referral. We will send your report to your primary care physician within a few days.

Is this screening covered by insurance?

Ultrasound Screening for dense breasts is cleared by the FDA and most insurance companies cover the cost of this examination if it is recommended. 

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