COVID-19 Information

CDC Community Level

Know the COVID-19 community level where you live and take appropriate actions to prevent the spread of the virus when the community level is high. 


For more information, visit CDC COVID-19 Community Level

Safety Measures in Our Clinics

Our physicians and staff are taking safety precautions in the clinics to protect the health of our patients to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. Safety measures are subject to change if the CDC community risk level changes. 

  1. MANA physicians are fully vaccinated and staff members are required to complete COVID-19 vaccinations. We encourage all of our eligible patients to get fully vaccinated

  2. At the “Low Community Risk Level”, masks are optional. However, some clinics with high-risk populations may require masks.

  3. N95 masks are recommended if you are at high risk for severe illness

  4. If you have symptoms or exposure to COVID-19, do not enter a clinic. Call your doctor’s office for instructions to get tested.

Vaccines and Booster Shots

Stay up to date on your COVID-19 vaccine and booster shots to prevent serious illness, hospitalization, and death. Getting a vaccine will not only protect your health, but it will also protect your children under 5 and anyone else who is immunocompromised and cannot be vaccinated. 

Get vaccinated even. if you had COVID-19. No currently available test can reliably determine if you are protected after being infected with the virus that causes COVID-19.

Call your MANA doctor’s office to schedule your vaccine or booster shot.