Hardin, Chris S., MD, FACPInternal Medicine

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    Internal Medicine Appointments

    Dr. Chris Hardin is an internal medicine physician providing care for adults and adolescents age 15 plus at Fayetteville Diagnostic Clinic. An internal medicine doctor is a primary care doctor who specializes in adult medicine. In addition to medical school, they have completed special training focusing on the treatment and prevention of adult diseases. 

    Dr. Hardin is board-certified in Internal Medicine and is a fellow of the American College of Physicians. He has 20 years of experience practicing Internal Medicine.

    “I will take a special interest in your overall well-being and preventive medicine.  As an Internist, I take pride in applying the best evidence-based medicine to diagnose, treat, and manage illnesses.  I consider it an honor and great responsibility when a patient places their health in my hands.” – Dr. Chris Hardin

    To maintain your health, Dr. Hardin recommends scheduling a wellness visit to get established. During a wellness exam, you will get to know each other and talk about your whole health. In addition, Dr. Hardin will recommend age-appropriate health screenings to give you a detailed picture of your health and coordinate vaccines. It is important to be able to communicate with your physician any concerns you may have. After the first visit, you may schedule a wellness every year or every couple of years depending on your insurance coverage and personal health needs. 

    For people with chronic disease, an internal medicine physician like Dr. Hardin can help you manage your disease and feel your best. In addition, he will coordinate your care with the appropriate medical specialists and recommend a plan of care customized to fit your health needs. Internal Medicine physicians specialize in adult care and diseases making them the ideal choice for your chronic disease management. 

    When he is not at the clinic, Dr. Hardin can be found backpacking and hiking, reading, canoeing, “Calling the Hogs”, cooking on the Big Green Egg, and spending time with his family. He and his wife Natalie have three children. Each year, Dr. Hardin and some of his colleagues at the clinic participate in the Smartathon Fundraiser at Mt. Sequoyah Center.


    • Board Certified in Internal Medicine by the American Board of Internal Medicine
    • Fellow of the American College of Physicians


    • Internal Medicine Residency
      University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences 
      Little Rock, Arkansas
    • Doctorate of Medicine
      University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences 
      Little Rock, Arkansas
    • Bachelor of Arts in Biology
      Vanderbilt University 
      Nashville, Tennessee


    Internal Medicine Appointments