Flu Shots for Children

Northwest Arkansas Pediatrics is now scheduling appointments for flu shots! 

Our pediatricians and the Centers for Disease Control recommend that children over 6 months old and their families get the flu vaccine each year to protect them from serious illness or death. Each year, vaccine scientists develop a unique influenza vaccine that includes inoculating against four strains of influenza that are predicted to be prevalent that year.  

Why is it important for children to get a flu shot? 

The influenza vaccine is the best way to protect your child from the flu. Here are a few facts about the flu vaccine from the CDC: 

  • Reduces a child’s risk of severe life-threatening influenza by 75% (2022 study)
  • Reduces flu-related hospitalization by 41% and flu-related ER visits for children by half (2020 study)
  • Significantly reduces a child’s risk of dying from flu (2017 study)

What about children who are not old enough to get the flu shot? 

If your child is not yet 6 months old, it is important for everyone around them to be vaccinated against the flu including parents, grandparents, siblings, and daycare providers.

When is the best time to get the influenza vaccine?

According to the Centers for Disease Control, children should get the influenza vaccine as soon as it is available each fall. Younger children may need to get two shots. From the time of the shot, it takes about two weeks for the body to develop antibodies against the flu. 

Who is at the highest risk for serious influenza illness?

  • Babies under 6 months who cannot be vaccinated
  • Children under 5 years old
  • Native American children and Native Alaskan children
  • Children with chronic health conditions including asthma, obesity, neurologic conditions, lung disease, heart disease, or weakened immune systems.

Learn more about influenza risk from the CDC

Upcoming Flu Clinics

At Northwest Arkansas Pediatrics, the flu vaccine is by appointment at our locations in Fayetteville and Pinnacle Hills. Please call (479) 442-7322 to schedule an influenza vaccine appointment.