Independence Day Safety

Independence Day is a feel-good holiday celebrated with exciting events, patriotic pride, and festive food. It also has its dangerous side. Here are some important tips to make sure your Glorious Fourth is fun and safe.


  • Consider attending a public fireworks event rather than setting them off at your home. 
  • If you buy fireworks, make sure not to let children light them or use them.
  • Don’t point fireworks toward people or animals. 
  • Keep water close by just in case.
  • Wear eye protection when you light fireworks, and light just one at a time. 
  • Don’t try to relight fireworks. 

4th of July Celebration Safety

Extreme heat

  • The 4th of July is usually a hot day, and the hottest part of the day is between noon and 4:00 p.m. During these hours, stay in the shade.
  • Wear sunscreen and consider wearing a hat.
  • Choose light, loose clothing.
  • Stay hydrated. By the time you feel thirsty, you already have too little water in your body. Drink plenty of water and go easy on alcohol and sweetened drinks. 
  • Keep an eye on small children and elderly people, who may not be able to regulate temperature as well as others. Some medications can also make people more susceptible to heat; check with your primary care physician if you’re not sure about your medications. 

Keep Your Baby Safe in Hot Weather

Food safety

  • Cookouts and picnics are a big part of the holiday fun for many families. Remember to keep cold foods cold and hot foods hot. That might mean bringing two coolers to the party — one for drinks and one that doesn’t get opened so often to keep food safe.
  • Don’t leave cooked foods out throughout the party. Pack leftovers back into the cooler when you’re through eating.
  • Use long-handled tools when you grill and keep kids away from the fire. 
  • Don’t pour lighter fluid onto a fire, and do keep a pail of water nearby.
  • Wash your hands and use serving utensils instead of snagging foods with your fingers.

Food Safety for Summer

Have a safe and healthy Independence Day celebration!