MANA Clinics Win Best of Northwest Arkansas Awards

The readers of CitiScapes Magazine have voted for Citiscapes Magazine’s 2015 Best of Northwest Arkansas and they have named MANA Clinics in several categories;

  • MANA Clinics are “#1 Best Medical Clinic”
  • Northwest Arkansas Pediatric Clinic is “#1 Best Pediatric”
  • Renaissance Women’s Healthcare is a runner up for “Best OB/GYN”
  • Millennium Chiropractic Sports Medicine & Rehab is a runner up for “Best Chiropractic”.

While some awards are handed out based on the opinion of an individual, or a small group of people, the CitiScapes Magazine Reader’s Choice awards are determined by popular vote. This means that the people who live in the community have the final say in who wins. When it comes something like fine dining, the opinion of an expert food critic might be more telling than a popular vote, but when it comes to health care, the satisfaction of many is more valuable than the approval of an individual.

This year, several MANA clinics received recognition as being among the best in Northwest Arkansas. MANA took two of the top categories in Family & Health, with MANA Clinics being named as the “Best Medical Clinic” in Northwest Arkansas, and Northwest Arkansas Pediatric Clinic earning the title as “Best Pediatric” clinic in Northwest Arkansas. Renaissance Women’s Healthcare and Millennium Chiropractic Sports Medicine & Rehab both came in as runner up in their respective categories, which is still a great accomplishment.

When you add all these honors together, it’s clear that MANA offers you and your family the high standard of care you deserve.

MANA clinics and physicians have been providing the best healthcare in Northwest Arkansas for more than 50 years. Fayetteville Diagnostic Clinic was established in 1957, and been providing quality healthcare in the area ever since. While it’s a great honor to receive awards that acknowledge this, our top priority is always you and your family’s health and wellness.

Come see why we are recognized as the best in Northwest Arkansas. Request an appointment today with the myMANA patient portal.