MANA Family Medicine

family medicine

MANA Family Medicine offers comprehensive care for men, women, and children of all ages. 
We have 9 clinics conveniently located throughout Northwest Arkansas:

Elkins,  (479) 442-1676

Har-Ber, (479) 361-1020

North Fayetteville, (479) 443-3536

Pinnacle Hills(479) 464-5599

Prairie Grove, (479) 267-5600

South Fayetteville, (479) 442-2822

Southwest Bentonville, (479) 464-5590

Springdale(479) 750-3630

Thompson Street(479) 756-1300







With MANA Family Medicine clinics, you still have access to the network of medical specialties and advanced healthcare technologies MANA provides, yet you have the family doctor experience that provides continuity of care and the convenience of having all appointments at one clinic.

For more than twenty years we have been the preferred choice for family medicine in Northwest Arkansas.

Call for an appointment today.

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