More MANA Physicians In-Network with PASSE

MANA is excited to announce additional primary care physicians and providers will be in-network for one of the Provider-Led Arkansas Shared Savings Entity (PASSE) programs, Arkansas Total Care.

On March 1, 2019, the State of Arkansas chose to move certain Medicaid patients into the Provider-Led Arkansas Shared Savings Entity (PASSE) program.  These patients are no longer covered directly by Medicaid and are now covered by one of the PASSE plans (Arkansas Total Care, Empower, or Summit).  MANA has been working to contract with these PASSE’s and have reached the following agreements:

  • MANA’s NWA Pediatrics and NWA Psychiatry will be In-network with all three PASSE plans.
  • MANA Urgent Care and Millennium Chiropractic will be out-of-network with all three PASSE plans.
  • FirstCare Family Doctors, MANA Family Medicine, Fayetteville Diagnostic Clinic Internal Medicine and other MANA Providers will be in-network with one PASSE plan, Arkansas Total Care. These providers will continue to see patients in all three PASSE’s through September 30, 2019.  After that date, patients will either need to find an in-network provider or change their PASSE to Arkansas Total Care.

We share your concerns regarding this program.  If you have concerns regarding this program please contact your legislators using the information below. Follow the links below to voice your concerns to your legislators!

For more information on the PASSE plans and your options for changing plans, visit the Arkansas Department of Human Services website.