MediServe Walk-In Clinic

So you get an hour of exercise and eat five cups of vegetables each day. You don’t smoke, you get plenty of sleep, you visit your doctor regularly, and you’re very conscious about what you eat. You’re so healthy that you feel bulletproof. Unfortunately, people are not bulletproof, and even the most health-conscious can have an unexpected health complication. But the problem with unexpected health complications is that you can’t plan for them. So what are you supposed to do when that sinus infection leaps out at you from the shadows?

MediServe Walk-in Clinic is there for all of your unexpected health needs. MediServe has two locations in Fayetteville, AR. Both locations are staffed by friendly and experienced MANA physicians. Mediserve  Wedington is open 7:00 a.m to 7:00 p.m., seven days a week for your convenience. Mediserve College is also now open from 7:00 a.m. to 700 p.m.

MediServe Walk-in Clinic gives you an alternative to going to the emergency room, or trying to hold out for an appointment with your doctor, when you need medical care fast.

MediServe provides a number of medical services including care for minor illness, sinus infection, sore throat, ear ache, allergies, stomach virus, rashes, minor medical emergencies and injuries, minor surgery, immunizations, and more.

Our walk-in clinics provide a great service to patients in need of medical attention on short notice. MediServe is a more affordable option than a visit to the emergency room. But you do more than just save money by choosing MediServe. You get the personal treatment and attention that emergency rooms can’t provide.

Our two Fayetteville locations – MediServe Wedington and MediServe College – are open nearly every day of the year, including most holidays. There are only three days you can expect MediServe clinics to be closed (Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day).

The next time you have an unforeseen health issue, give one of our walk-in clinics a call.

MediServe Wedington: (479) 442-0006

MediServe College: (479) 521-0200