Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is one of the most useful tools physicians have to make an accurate diagnosis and select an appropriate treatment for their patients. The 3 Tesla or 3T MRI is the fastest diagnostic imaging technology available. Because our 3T MRI images are computer-generated, they can be instantly sent electronically to off-site specialists and consultants. Thanks to advanced design features, your MRI should prove perfectly comfortable. In fact, you may even find the experience relaxing. In addition, MANA offers the lowest cost MRI exams in the area. 

Why Choose MANA 3T MRI?

  • Faster exam, 4 to 100 times faster scan time than standard MRIs
  • Better image quality than standard MRIs
  • More open, less claustrophobic experience
  • Lowest cost exams – MANA MRI exams costs less than a MRI at the hospital, up to 25% less depending on the type of exam.
  • MRIseal_100Expert team of Board Certified Radiologists
  • Provide unique exams other area MRIs cannot
  • American College of Radiology Accredited MRI insures staff qualifications, quality control, MR safety policies and image quality.

What to Expect During Your MRI Exam

Talk to your doctor about scheduling your exam at MANA MRI. For questions or to schedule an MRI, call (479) 684-3900. A physician order is required by most insurance plans. 

Financial Information

Patients with or without insurance can schedule an exam at MANA MRI. MANA accepts most insurance plans – see our insurance guide for a current list. Some insurance plans have certain requirements for imaging exams. Please check with your insurance plan for coverage details.

MANA MRI will provide the bill prior to your exam and payment is due at the time of service. Some exams require contrast and patients may receive an additional bill for up to $200 for the amount of contrast used after the exam. For information on a payment plan, contact a billing services advocate at (479) 571-5370. 


MANA MRI3383 N. MANA Court, Suite 102
Monday – Friday
7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Saturdays as needed. 
(479) 571-6565

To schedule an MRI exam, call (479) 684-3900