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Request an Appointment

Requesting an appointment is easy with myMANA! Appointment requests are fulfilled between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 a.m. within one business day.

Step 1: Log into myMANA

Step 2: For FDC, Neurological Associates, and Pediatrics, select “Messages” tab then “Compose a Message” button. (The Appointment Button is currently not active for FDC and Pediatric Clinic).

For FirstCare and Renaissance, Select “Appointments” Button.

Step 4: You may have your appointment confirmed by email, text, or phone.


Create a myMANA account:

If you do not have an account yet:

(Read the registration instructions here.)

For Mammograms/The Breast Center:

Request a Mammogram appointment.
Breast Center Patient Portal –  Login to view your mammogram report. You should have received a secure email with this information when your mammogram report is ready. If you have any issues, please contact 479-442-6266.