Seasonal Affective Disorder

The cool, crisp days of autumn may feel energizing and exciting for some. Pumpkin spice, Halloween hijinks, and the prospect of the coming holidays make some people happy. “It’s my favorite time of year!” some say, reveling in colorful leaves and sweater weather. This is not the fall experience of those who have Seasonal Affective […]

Helping Kids Listen: 5 Essential Tips

It’s one of the most common complaints from parents: their kids don’t listen to them. If you have to repeat what you say multiple times before your child pays attention, your frustration can lead to anger. Helping kids listen can reduce stress and conflict. What do you mean by “listen”? When parents say their kids […]

Counting Carbs

If you’re watching your weight or managing diabetes, you may find that counting carbs works better for you than counting calories. Here’s how! What’s a carb? “Carb” is short for “carbohydrate.” All food can be divided up into its macronutrients: protein fats carbohydrates But it’s not quite that simple. Most adults need about 50 grams of […]

November Holiday Hours

All MANA locations are closed on November 25th in order for our staff to enjoy the holiday with their families. Most clinics will be closed on November 26th, however; MANA Urgent Care on College Avenue will be open for acute care needs.  Wednesday, November 24 Urgent Care (both locations) – Open 7 am to 2 […]

Sugar Alternatives: 5 Options

If you’re trying to cut down on sugar, you might be wondering about sugar alternatives. There are sugar substitutes with zero calories that do not send blood sugar skyrocketing. With these sugar alternatives, you can sweeten coffee, bake, or enjoy sweet treats without the drawbacks of sugar. Here’s a guide to 5 of the options. […]

Health Tips for Thanksgiving

Did you miss Thanksgiving last year? The CDC told us to skip those family gatherings last year, and a lot of us did. But they said to skip trick or treating in 2020, too, and we responded by spending $3 billion on candy for Halloween 2021. Thanksgiving 2021 is expected to be expensive, too, but […]

Get Your Flu Vaccine

It’s flu season, so it’s time to get your flu vaccine. Last year’s flu season was mild — amazingly so. The CDC reports that there were just 2,038 flu cases during the season from Sept. 27, 2020, to April 24, 2021, compared with about 38 million cases in the 2019-2020 season. What made the difference? It’s simple: […]

MANA Gives Back to NWA Food Bank

For the month of November, MANA staff made a collective donation of $2,300 to Northwest Arkansas Food Bank.   Kent Eikenberry, President/CEO, accepted the check and sent the following response: “Thank you so much. I look forward to the days when I can come by and thank your staff in person.”   Northwest Arkansas Food […]

Holiday Hours by Date

Wednesday, November 24 Urgent Care (both locations) – Open 7 am to 2 pm All other locations are open regular business hours.  Thursday, November 25 All MANA clinics are closed.  Friday, November 26 Northwest Arkansas Pediatrics – Open 8 am to 12 pm Urgent Care College  – Open 7 am to 5 pm Urgent Care […]

Holiday Hours

  All clinics will be closed Thursday, November 25, Saturday, December 25, and Saturday, January 1.  Please look below for special hours during the holiday season.  MANA Urgent Care MANA Family Medicine   MANA Clinics