Back to School Checkups

It’s summer at last! Time to relax and enjoy family fun, time to explore the outdoors, time to…schedule your back to school checkups.  What? Does it seem too early? Many of us don’t think about back to school checkups till we’re ready to buy new shoes and school supplies, sometime in August. The problem is, […]

MANA Gives to Community Clinic

MANA staff has elected Community Clinic as the recipient of the MANA Gives Donation for June 2022! The team at Fayetteville Diagnostic Clinic presented a check for $2,300, on June 10th, to representatives from Community Clinic; Sandy Montero, Julie Dobbs, and Patty Valdez. Community Clinic has served Washington and Benton County for over 20 years, providing services […]

Independence Day Safety

Independence Day is a feel-good holiday celebrated with exciting events, patriotic pride, and festive food. It also has its dangerous side. Here are some important tips to make sure your Glorious Fourth is fun and safe. Fireworks Consider attending a public fireworks event rather than setting them off at your home.  If you buy fireworks, […]

DNA and Your Diet, 23andMe, Genebase, and many more companies will send you a kit that lets you take a DNA sample and mail it in. In return, they send you an estimate of your ancestry showing where your forebears lived and, depending on the company, a variety of other information. You might discover that your sweet tooth […]

Keeping Kids Safe from Toxic Plants

Summer is a great time to get outdoors — but summer outdoor fun can bring up new safety challenges for kids. One you might not have thought of is toxic plants. Toxic plants in Northwest Arkansas Northwest Arkansas is home to a number of toxic plants. One of the most appealing is the pokeberry, shown […]

Alzheimer’s and the Simple Seven

Is Alzheimer’s disease mostly genetic, or do lifestyle factors make a difference? A new study found that “the Simple Seven” make a difference, even for people who are at high genetic risk for Alzheimer’s disease.  What is the Simple Seven? The American Heart Association has identified what it calls “Life’s Simple Seven,” or LS7, a set […]

Annual Wellness Exam: 5 Reasons

If you aren’t sick, you don’t need to go to the doctor — right? Actually, that’s not true. A healthy person should still see a doctor once a year. Here are five reasons it’s important to have an annual wellness exam, even if you feel fine. Make sure you’re as healthy as you think There […]

5 Popular Head Lice Myths

School’s out for summer, so you won’t have to worry about head lice on your kids till they head back to school in the fall — right? No need to worry, really, but the idea that lice are mostly spread at school is one of the many popular myths about head lice. Here are five of […]

FDC Welcomes Kimberly Powell, APRN!

Kimberly Powell, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse will join Internal Medicine at Fayetteville Diagnostic this week. Nurse Practitioner Powell has spent more than a decade in healthcare as a Registered Nurse, working in progressive cardiac care, medical-surgical care, urgent care, and primary care.  She completed her undergraduate studies in Nursing at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, […]

Healthy Habits when You Work Nights

Night shifts are part of life for nurses, factory workers, and truck drivers, among others. In fact, nearly 15 million Americans work nights. There are drawbacks to this kind of schedule, including health risks. Working nights has been shown to have adverse effects on heart health, metabolism, reproductive health, and even susceptibility to cancer.  If you […]