Keeping Kids Active in Cold Weather

The winter weather doesn’t have to turn your kids into couch potatoes. Here are some ways to keep your kids safely active in winter weather. Kids can enjoy biking, walking, skating, or free unstructured play in cold weather just as in warm weather. If they tend to spend winter weekends in front of the TV, […]

Who Was Tesla?

MANA has a Tesla-3 machine — but who was Tesla? Nikola Tesla was one of the greatest inventors and scientific minds in the last hundred and fifty some-odd years. He was a visionary who predicted many of the inventions that we use today before they ever even existed, and is responsible for inventing the first […]

National Brownie Day

It’s National Brownie Day! Does that mean that you have to choose between virtuous deprivation and chocolate decadence? Not at all. Here are some ways to have the deliciousness without the decadence. Willpower behaves a lot like a muscle. You can increase your store of willpower by exercising it — but you can also wear […]

National Safe Toy Month

It’s hard to match the fun and excitement of new toys under the Christmas tree! Keep the fun going by making sure you choose safe toys for holiday gifts. Small children, especially those under age three, love to experience new things by putting them in their mouths. Make sure your gift isn’t a choking hazard. […]

Weather and Arthritis

As cold weather settles into Northwest Arkansas, are you likely to have more arthritis pain? Arthritis Care & Research says no. An Australian team studied 900 patients in different climates and found no correlation between weather and arthritis. Their conclusions confirm those of many scientific studies which have tracked pain reports and weather over months […]

World AIDS Day

December 1, 2014, is World AIDS Day. The goal of the observance is to help people become more aware of HIV and current HIV treatments. Start by taking a quick quiz on HIV. You may be surprised by some of the things you don’t know! You probably learned that HIV is less frightening than you […]

Maintaining Your Good Health Habits through the Holidays

Charles Duhigg, in his popular book The Power of Habit, explains that habits are different from our normal behavior. Instead of making wise decisions based on information, we are directed into a habitual routine by a cue. The alarm rings and we get out of bed. The commercial comes on TV and we get up […]

Healthy Alternatives for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be an unhealthy holiday. Turkey is a lean meat and the favorite side dishes are vegetables. After a moderate dinner of lean meat and vegetables, the whole family can play touch football or go ice skating before enjoying a healthy sandwich and an evening of lively games. No? Maybe your tradition […]

Harvest of Vegetables

You can ask your doctor how many servings of vegetables you personally should have, but a good rule of thumb is to fill half your plate with veggies. To keep things interesting, try some different ways to prepare the fresh vegetables of the season: Fresh zucchini squash are a tast treat. Slice them, stir them […]

Healthy Road Trips

With the holiday season around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about travel and road trips. Maybe you or a loved one will be driving halfway across the country to be home for the holidays. Road trips are great fun, but they’re not always great for your health. Your body doesn’t appreciate sitting in […]