Popular CPAP and BiPAP Home Ventilators Recalled

Phillips Respironics has announced a voluntary recall of millions of their respiratory care devices. A Note from Dr. Michael Eckles Michael Eckles, MD, FCCP Sleep Medicine & Pulmonary Medicine Fayetteville Diagnostic Clinic, A MANA Clinic As many of you are aware, Phillips Respironics has issued an international recall on multiple devices they manufacture for respiratory […]

The Plate Method for Diabetics

If you have Type 2 diabetes, you need to be careful in your food choices. This can be easier said than done, though. You may need to make big changes in your eating habits, and some methods of meal planning for diabetes require looking up information and making calculations — something that can be hard […]

Get to Know Your Gallbladder

The names of organs can be complicated and mysterious. You might never have heard of the Popliteal fossa or the Malpighian corpuscle, and you might be tempted to look on a map for the islets of Langerhans. The gallbladder, on the other hand, has a very straightforward name.  It’s a bladder, or a sack, that stores […]

Swimming Safety

Heading out to the lake, or to a pool for somer swimming fun? Spend little time thinking about safety first. The most important way to make sure you have a safe swimming experience is to find out who can swim and who cannot. Strong swimmers still need to follow safety precautions, but people who can’t […]

Did You Miss Your Second Dose?

COVID-19 vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna require two doses. The Pfizer second dose should e 21 days after the first. The Moderna vaccine needs a second dose 28 days after the first. After one dose of the Pfizer vaccine, people are 60-80% protected from COVID-19. After the second dose, the rate of protection shoots up […]

Sun Safety for Children: 5 Top Tips

As summer nears, families will be spending more time outdoors. We’ll all benefit from the increased Vitamin D we’ll get from the sun, the improved mood we can get from being out in nature, and the fresh air (which is probably better air quality than we have indoors). But sun safety is still important, especially […]

Fitting Fast Food into Your Kids’ Healthy Life

Fast food is a fact of modern life. Rushing from one activity to another, picking the quickest and cheapest meal option, or responding to stress — parents are choosing fast food for kids more often than ever. How can you fit fast food into your life without making unhealthy choices for your kids? Is fast […]

Treating Sunburn

The best way to handle sunburn is not to get one. Protect yourself from the sun and avoid sunburn in the first place. A quick reminder: Put on broad spectrum sunscreen 30minutes before you go out into the sun and reapply about every two hours. Wear a hat and protective clothing and spend time in […]

Get to Know Your Prostate

For men’s health month, get to know your prostate! Prostates are a focus of Men’s Health Month because they are an organ that only men have. Your prostate is a gland situated between the penis and the bladder. It produces fluid that mixes with sperm to make seminal fluid. The prostate is normally the size […]

Get Your Greens

One of the healthiest groups of vegetables is the leafy greens: plants whose leaves we eat as a vegetable.  This is a very diverse group. Here are some you should try: Kale is filled with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It’s most nutritious raw, so enjoy it in smoothies and salads.  Collard greens have thick leaves […]