National Minority Health Month for Kids

April is National Minority Health Month, a time to think about the disparities in U.S. healthcare and health outcomes — and to take action against those inequities.  Health outcomes are different for kids from different ethnic groups Here are some eye-opening statistics: Infant mortality rates in Arkansas are different in different ethnic groups. Black children’s […]

Can You Eat Too Much Protein?

Paleo, keto, Atkins, or Dukan — high protein diets are trendy and appealing with their promise of weight loss without hunger. Plenty of people jump at the chance to enjoy practically unlimited bacon burgers (without the bun). Protein is one of the essential nutrients your body needs to build and repair tissue, too, so you […]

A Healthy Easter Brunch

Easter can be tricky if you’re working to develop healthy eating habits. On the one hand, it usually involves ham, which can be a lean meat, plus lots of vegetables, which are a great part of a healthy meal. Your Easter dinner plate can be healthy and delicious.  On the other hand, there’s Easter brunch. […]

A Dozen Easter Basket Alternatives

Easter means family gatherings, egg hunts, and Easter baskets full of chocolate bunnies and jelly beans! But candy isn’t the only thing your kids will enjoy in their Easter baskets this Easter. Colored eggs are a basic! Kids enjoy coloring hard-boiled eggs and they’ll enjoy seeing the eggs they made in their baskets, too. Art […]

AAP Updates Child Development Milestones

You may have heard that the American Academy of Pediatrics has updated their child development milestones. Those milestones — when kids are expected to crawl, speak, walk, and so on — are in important part of your child’s well child appointments. Your pediatrician will check and see whether your son or daughter has met the […]

Combat Stress with Routines

Routines may sound boring at first, but research shows they’re actually able to ease our stress and help us relax. Good routines ultimately enable us to make fewer decisions, free our creativity, and strengthen healthy habits. The focus of National Stress Awareness Month this April is “Back to Basics.” Try some of these ideas to […]

MANA Gives Back to Children’s Safety Center

On April 6, 2022 MANA physicians and staff donated $2,300 to the Children’s Safety Center of Washington County (CSC) as part of the MANA Giving Program. Several staff members from this month’s clinic sponsor, Northwest Arkansas Pediatrics, presented the check to leaders at CSC before they toured the center and learned about the organization. The […]

Take Charge of Your Health

The last few years has taken its toll on everyone’s health, physical and mental. Many of us have developed unhealthy habits, experienced health issues, and dealt with anxiety and added stress. However, it doesn’t have to be this way! MANA encourages you to take charge of your health by scheduling an annual wellness visit. There […]

World Health Day Is April 7

World Health Day is celebrated each year as a day to work toward healthier societies. For 2022, the theme of World Health Day is “Our Planet, Our Health.” Clean air, water, and food, the WHO reminds us, are essential for our health — and better for the environment, too.  Climate change is increasing the number and […]

Chiropractic for Runners

It’s spring in Northwest Arkansas, and a young (or older) person’s fancy naturally turns to running. The Hogeye Marathon takes place April 9-10, 2022, the Cherishing Children Glow Run is on April 22, and the Spring Sprint is in Fayetteville on May 7.  If you’re getting ready to race, or even just to get back […]