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General Adult Psychiatry

MANA’s Adult Psychiatry services help individuals who are in need of diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric problems. People seeking mental health and behavioral health services can benefit from collaborative care plans between MANA psychiatrists and primary medical caregivers. MANA adult psychiatry provides compassionate and expert care.

Our multi-disciplinary medical team includes a psychiatric physician, psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, primary care physicians and specialists, who are experts in these medical conditions and the management of medications. Our Psychiatrist has received a medical degree as well as completing a residency and fellowship.

What to Expect

You will meet with your psychiatrist for a full initial evaluation. Your psychiatrist will develop a collaborative treatment plan with you and your internal medicine doctor.

After the initial evaluation, you should expect to visit your physician at least every 90 days.  Progress towards goals will be assessed, medication management will be addressed, and goals will be updated as needed.

Physicians & Providers

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