What Is a Healthy Weight?

Are you unhealthy if you are not at a healthy weight? Does being at a healthy weight mean that you’re healthy? What does healthy weight mean, and why is it important? What does healthy weight mean? A healthy weight, or normal weight, means that your Body Mass Index falls within a weight range that is […]

6 Tips to Help You Keep Moving Through Winter

You need to stay physically active regardless of the season. However, it’s not always easy to find the motivation to get up and move around when it’s cold, dark, and gloomy outside. It might be tempting to curl up next to the fire with a good book and a cup of cocoa, or stay indoors […]

Recipes for Oatmeal Month

Whole grains are better for us than refined grains, and oatmeal is the health powerhouse among whole grains. It’s one of the most nutrient-dense foods around. The health benefits of oatmeal include: Oats are higher in protein than most grains, and they contain lots of fiber, too. Half a cup of rolled oats gives you […]

Thinking About a Diet? Focus on Healthy Eating and Maintaining a Healthy Weight

January is a popular month for dieting. Losing weight and eating better are consistently at the top of the list of popular New Year’s resolutions. One of the issues with New Year’s resolutions is that they often involve sudden, drastic lifestyle changes. It’s not easy to turn these changes into healthy behaviors and fully adopt […]

Cervical Health Awareness

Cervical cancer is highly preventable. It’s one of the few types of cancer that you can vaccinate against. Vaccinating against human papillomavirus (HPV), screening for HPV, and screening for pre-cancers greatly reduces the risk for cervical cancer. Preventing HPV helps prevent cervical cancer Human papillomavirus is transmitted during sex. According to the CDC, HPV is […]

How to Stick With Your Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

The beginning of a new year is the beginning of a new start. It’s a clean slate, a do-over, an opportunity to better your life. Sometimes we give up bad habits for New Year’s. Sometimes we pick up new healthy habits. Making healthy New Year’s resolutions is great, but it’s even more important to see […]

Ways to Handle Holiday Stress

The holidays don’t always look like they do on a Christmas card. Ideally, everyone is laughing singing, relaxing, rejoicing, sipping cocoa, and getting along just fine. In reality, there’s lots of traffic, last-minute shopping, emergencies, commotion, spats with relatives, and it feels like you’ve been going non-stop since Thanksgiving. Here’s some advice to help you […]

10 Minutes at a Time? Every Minute Counts

Fewer than one out of four Americans meet the Physical Activity Guidelines for both aerobic exercise and muscle-strengthening established by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Maybe you would love to designate thirty minutes to an hour each day for exercise, but you have enough trouble finding time to finish your errands and […]

100th Anniversary of the Spanish Flu Pandemic

A century ago, the Spanish Flu killed somewhere between 50 and 100 million people, making it the worst catastrophe of the 20th century. It came along right after the first World War and killed more people than that war. While it was called Spanish Flu all over the world, the first outbreak was actually recorded […]

10 Common Winter Health Problems and How to Avoid Them

Health and wellness are important all year long. There are, however, certain health problems that are more common during specific parts of the year. You are much more likely to suffer sunburn and heat stroke during the summer than during the winter, for example. Here are a few common winter health problems along with some […]