What Does “Unremarkable” Mean in Imaging Exams?

Radiology technology is one of the biggest changes in healthcare in recent years. CT scans, MRI, and Ultrasound allow your doctor to see inside your body and get much more exact information than they ever could have in the past.  You also have more access to the results of these tests than people ever had […]

Welcome, Dr. Todd Logsdon!

Diagnostic Radiologist Dr. Todd Logsdon is joining MANA Imaging! Dr. Logsdon completed his undergraduate degree, a Bachelor of Science in Zoology, at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. He took a Master of Science in Biopharmaceutical Sciences at UAMS in Little Rock and continued his education there with an MD. Logsdon did an internship in […]

What Is a CT Scan?

Computed (or computerized) tomography (CT) is a type of medical imaging used to diagnose medical conditions, monitor disease, and guide treatment. While there is some radiation exposure for patients during a CT scan, computed tomography is fast, accurate, painless, and safe. Here is some information to help you understand what computed tomography is and how […]

Sources of Calcium That Aren’t Dairy

Dairy is one of the best sources of calcium, but not everyone consumes dairy. Some people are lactose intolerant, vegan, or just don’t like the taste of milk. Some avoid dairy products for other reasons, too. However, calcium is essential to good bone health, and everyone needs calcium to strengthen bones or prevent bone loss. […]

Different Uses for Ultrasound

Ultrasound imaging, also known as sonography, is a type of medical imaging that allows physicians to examine what’s going on inside your body in a way that is safe, comfortable, and non-invasive. MANA provides medical imaging services — including ultrasound — at American College of Radiology accredited facilities in Northwest Arkansas. Unlike other types of […]

Things You Might Not Know (And Some That You Most Definitely Do) About Lung Cancer

It’s common knowledge that cigarettes are bad for you; they are the leading cause of lung cancer and they lower your cardiovascular health, respiratory health, and your overall quality of life. However, people still smoke cigarettes and are still being diagnosed with lung cancer in large numbers. This means that it’s still necessary to share […]

Keeping Track of Your Imaging History

Certain types of medical imaging expose patients to ionizing radiation. Radiologists use the smallest amounts of radiation possible, and the benefits of medical imaging usually outweigh the risks of not getting the procedure. Still, radiation exposure during CT scans and other medical imaging procedures is a concern for some patients. Keeping track of your medical […]

Does MRI Use Radiation?

It’s normal to have questions or feel nervous about a medical procedure, such as an MRI exam. Unfamiliar experiences can be intimidating, especially when you don’t quite know what to expect. Magnetic resonance imaging is a medical imaging procedure. Other types of medical imaging use ionizing radiation — which is why some patients ask, “Does […]

Common Questions About Ultrasound

MANA Imaging and MRI has been providing medical imaging services in Northwest Arkansas for more than 20 years. They offer a full range of imaging services including ultrasound, or sonography. While most people know about ultrasound imaging, they do not always understand what it is or how it works. Here’s some basic information to help […]

6 Tips for Stronger Bones

You know that bones protect internal organs, give our body structure, and allow us to move. But did you know that bone is living, growing tissue? Bones are made up primarily of a protein called collagen. Just like other tissues in the body, our bones must be kept healthy and strong. Our bones build the […]