Mammograms and Your Heritage

Mammograms are an important healthcare tool, and every woman should have an annual mammogram beginning at age 40. Still, many women do not get regular mammograms. Does your family heritage affect your chances of getting regular screening mammograms? The chart below, using data from the American Cancer Society, shows that there are differences based on […]

Mammogram at 40?

When should you have your first mammogram? Last year, the American Cancer Society recommended these standards for mammograms for American women: Women with an average risk of breast cancer (less than 15%) should begin mammography screening at age 45. Women with more than a 15% lifetime or genetic risk of breast cancer should begin screening […]

Women’s Health: Do I Really Need to Have a Mammogram Every Year?

by Sarah Faitak Recent studies may have caused you to question the importance of having yearly breast screenings.  In this blog Sarah Faitak, RN, Breast Imaging Nurse at The Breast Center,  addresses the latest studies, screening options and other common questions from women about breast health.  What could be more frightening than being told your […]