AMA Sets Urgent Care Standards

The American Medical Association has issued a special report on urgent care facilities, suggesting some new principles for their operation. According to the AMA, urgent care centers must: Help patients who do not have a primary care physician or usual source of care to identify one in the community. Transfer a patient’s medical records to […]

Can You Go to a Walk-In Clinic During COVID-19?

Facts and information about the coronavirus pandemic are constantly changing. Visit the CDC site for the most up-to-date information during the COVID-19 outbreak. MANA Urgent Care offers walk-in clinic visits for patients during the COVID-19 outbreak. While concerns about exposure to coronavirus are reasonable, it is essential that you seek the medical care that you […]

Fourth of July Safety During COVID-19

Fourth of July safety will look a little different this year. In addition to the normal considerations to have a safe and happy Independence Day, we must also protect ourselves from an invisible risk — coronavirus. Northwest Arkansas is a hot spot for COVID-19 right now. MANA physicians recommend you stay vigilant and continue practicing […]

What Should You Bring to an Urgent Care Visit?

Sometimes you need an urgent care clinic because of an emergency that requires immediate medical attention; there isn’t much you can do to prepare for this. However, there are many other reasons you might visit a walk-in urgent care clinic. Here’s what you need to bring for your urgent care visit. Basic items and information […]

MANA Urgent Care or ER?

Deciding where to get appropriate medical care can sometimes be hard when unexpected symptoms arise.  The emergency room is the obvious place for possible life-threatening emergencies. It’s not always clear, however, whether you should go to the ER or an urgent care clinic if you are unsure what is going on.  Walk-in urgent care clinics […]

9 Reasons to Visit MANA Urgent Care

Urgent care clinics offer fast and convenient medical care, and at much a lower cost than an emergency room visit. MANA Urgent Care does not charge urgent care fees; your copay and fees are the same that you pay at your primary care provider. Sometimes people aren’t sure whether to head to the emergency room, […]

Christmas Light Safety

Decorating with Christmas lights is a cherished holiday tradition. Some families prefer a subtle display on the Christmas tree, while others look to light up the neighborhood with an extravagant light display. It’s easy to forget that hanging outdoor Christmas lights comes with a certain level of risk. Perhaps when you first started decorating you […]

Should You Go to Urgent Care or Your Doctor?

Urgent care clinics provide fast, affordable, and reliable medical care. If you’re experiencing a non-life-threatening medical emergency, a walk-in urgent care clinic is a great option. Urgent care isn’t just for emergencies, however. Sometimes the convenience of a walk-in clinic makes urgent care a better alternative to waiting for a visit with your primary care […]

Preparing for The Great Outdoors: Outdoor Safety Tips

Northwest Arkansas is an incredible place for outdoor enthusiasts. There’s no shortage of opportunity for outdoor recreation in the Natural State. We have great rivers and lakes for paddling and fishing, wonderful woods and forests for camping, and an abundance of trails for hiking and mountain biking. Spending time in nature is fun and exciting, […]

Fireworks Safety Checklist

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, an average of 280 people go to the emergency room each day due to firework-related injuries in the month surrounding Independence Day. In 2017, nearly one-third of these injuries were to the hands and fingers, almost one-fourth of the injuries were to the head, face, and ears, […]