Football and Brain Damage

Football is, by far, the most popular sport in the United States. You’ve got the National Football League (NFL), which generates tens of billions of dollars in revenue each year. Then you have college football, each school with its own fanatical following. Below that there’s the Friday night lights of high-school football, followed up by […]

Holiday Headache Triggers

The holidays are full of wonderful scents and sounds, tastes and feelings. The smell of a tangerine from the bottom of the stocking, the happy laughter of children opening gifts, a bite of chocolate, time spent with friends and family — it’s all wonderful, so why do you have a headache? For some people, the […]

Maintaining Your Good Health Habits through the Holidays

Charles Duhigg, in his popular book The Power of Habit, explains that habits are different from our normal behavior. Instead of making wise decisions based on information, we are directed into a habitual routine by a cue. The alarm rings and we get out of bed. The commercial comes on TV and we get up […]

National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

November is National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. More than 5.4 million Americans live with this disease, and when caregivers are included, some 15 million people are affected by the disease. Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia. Dementia is a disease that affects memory, thinking and behavior in ways that interfere with daily life. While […]